Dominator DS-D


Dominator deposit safe, perfect for business or home and easy to use. This deposit safe can be used for envelopes or cash to be stored with no codes to be handed out. With dominator’s high cash rating makes it a very secure options for any business.


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Additional Information

External Measurements:
870mm H x 550mm W x 550mm D
Internal Measurements:
445mm H x 410mm W x 370mm D
Cash Rating:
$40,000 in unsupported application
5 year (12 months on keypad)


  • 105 minute certified fire rating
  • 6mm solid plate steel body with 12mm reinforced framing
  •  12mm solid steel plate door
  •  Secure anti-fishing depositing provision
  • Separate internal compartment for deposits
  • Solid 25mm locking bolts to opening side and fixed bar to hinge side
  • 2 adjustable shelves
  • 2 recessed bolt down holes
  • Key lockable deposit drawer
  • Removable door, key lockable internal compartment to hold deposits