Secuguard AP520


Secuguard deposit chute safe range is perfect for any business with 6mm steel construction and easy to use drop safe. The drop down makes it perfect for storing cash with no access codes to be handed out, also can store packages for letterbox use.



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Additional Information

External Measurements:
455mm H x 345mm W x 300mm D
Solid Steel Construction with 6mm steel plate body
Durable powder coated hammer tone finish
Door Assembly:
6mm hardened steel
12 months


  • Drill resistant hardened steel plate to protect lock area.
  •  2 point locking with 32mm diameter bolt work.
  •  4 x 15mm recessed holes are provided for anchor mounting to floor.
  • Chrome plated tri-spoke handle
  • Solid steel construction with 6mm steel plate body reinforced with steel bar all around front edges. Solid 12mm steel plate door with internal hinges.