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Thick solid steel door. Thick steel body with fire panel


5 year structural warranty to safe


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Heavy Duty Commercial Safes - Guards Against Theft & Fire. Commercial Grade Burglary and Fire Resisting Safes! Award Winning Safe Sales. Best Brands Best Prices.

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    What type of safe should I buy?

    There is a number of high quality safes on the market. It all comes down to what will suit you, there are different security applications which require different safes. First you will need to determine your main reason for choosing a safe. Is it for fire protection, meaning do you want to keep your valuables safe in a fire situation? You might be looking at a safe with a high cash rating to store valuables. If you get stuck on what you are after, you will be able to see all our specifications at the bottom of your chosen safe. If you do need a hand picking what safe which is suitable for your application. Give us a call or send an email and our team would love to help.

    What is a cash rating?

    Cash ratings, more commonly known as ‘insurable cash ratings’, this allows the customer to identify the security grade or level of security of a particular safe.

    Originally cash ratings were applied to safe as a cross reference for insurance companies to determine whether a specific safe was suitable for use in protecting cash holdings. The higher volume of cash being stored would in turn mean the higher value you would be insured for. This does depend on the insurance company and their new rules and regulations behind it.

    In more recent times, as society has moved away from a majority cash economy, the rating system has become more of a cross reference for a more secure safe as usually the higher the cash rating the more secure the safe is or meaning the harder it is to break into the safe.

    It also should be noted that valuables opposed to cash are always assessed at different ratios, when determining insurance ratings. As some insurance companies are willing to insure upto to 10 x the cash rating.

    What is Fire ratings?

    Fire ratings are much like cash ratings as they are a reference to help consumers know the level of protection from heat or flames in the event of a fire. Fire ratings are measured and certified by testing a safes performance in an active fire.

    It is uncommon to see the term fireproof with all safes as no material is 100% fireproof, therefor the terminology you will see is fire-resistant. A safe will be noted in minutes on the fire protection. When fire testing, they are measured by temperature and time of exposure to the outside of the safe, comparing to the temperature inside.

    Some safes may be fire-resistant but not rated due to the costly value of the certification. If you wish to know more on any fire rating, contact our sales team for more information.

    Does my safe need to be installed?

    The short answer is YES!

    We always recommend the safe to be installed into a concrete slab with correct fixings. If a concrete slab is not possible, try and find a physical structure of the building which it can be mounted to. Having a safe installed correctly can turn a 100kgs safe into a 7 tonne safe with the correct installation. If you are pretty handy and want to give the safe installation a go yourself, make an enquiry and we can make sure you have the right knowledge for the job.

    Why choose ECS?

    We are a local business with great knowledge in the industry, we love what we do and we prioritise the items which are important to you by keeping them safe.
    Our prices are the lowest on the market and have a great customer service to make sure you have a smooth and safe install (pardon the pun). East Coast Safe Company has done the research in the best brands so you don’t have to.

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